MCS SDK is the development kit for Swan MCS developers, providing a convenient interface for working with the MCS API.

  • Zero Cost, Free to Use

  • Access by Wallet (Metamask)

  • Seamless Integration, Easy to Implement

Current Supported Languages:

Use Case

Decentralized File Storage (Filecoin)

Files are uploaded using the IPFS protocol, and are accessible through peers located anywhere in the world. IPFS knows how to find what you ask for using its content address rather than its location (HTTP) address. These uploaded files persist on the Filecoin network thanks to storage providers.

IPFS addresses and moves content, while Filecoin is an incentive layer to persist data.

Although your files may be stored by various storage providers, MCS provides a convenient interface to view all your uploaded files.

Multi-Chain Payment Solution

MCS enables users to pay for Filecoin storage with stable coins and other Mainnet tokens while maintaining data security. Users will also obtain the payment transaction and IPFS information with Filecoin deal ID for future reference.

Mint Files as NFTs

After your file is uploaded to MCS, your assets can simply be minted as viewable NFTs on Opensea (NFT marketplace). Just give your NFT a name (descriptions are optional) and it will be added to the MCS NFT collection on Opensea!


Using this SDK, the developers will have more control using the API than they would have using the MCS website. Scripts can be written to upload many files at once, mint multiple NFTs, etc. Developers can create dApps on top of MCS, the possibilities are endless!

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